Who We Are

We used to run tech media properties and trade shows. In 2009, when print was dying and digital was taking over, we launched Vertical Motion to be in the thick of it. Since then, we’ve been suiting up to advance our clients’ business outcomes through storytelling, media and campaigns.

What We Do

We blend media relations – the cost-effective ability to secure earned media – with the inventive process of a creative agency. We call it Creative Relations. We specialize in helping small and midsize technology companies bring meaningful innovations, technologies, services, products and projects to life.

How We Do It

We take a 360-degree approach to communications – sculpting narratives, shaping strategies, activating audiences and elevating our clients’ stories with craft and creativity. We are willing to get our hands dirty, hustle and be scrappy when needed. We believe that depth and authenticity is key to engaging audiences. When done right, brand storytelling can delight, entertain and inform.